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About International Showtimes

International Showtimes was founded in Berlin, in 2015, by Richard Ruben, Enrico Bernardo, and Burak Kahraman and is a product of Cinepass UG.

Our SaaS tool (i.e. International Showtimes API) originally emerged out of the founder's own demands for a best in class showtime, cinema and movie metadata- needed for their own applications. The founding team then saw a niché opportunity to deliver this high-quality metadata for the entertainment industry as, back in 2015, only local players were ruling the market with old fashioned metadata products and offered no such API.

International Showtimes is designed to provide the best showtimes and movie metadata to the entertainment industry, across the globe. Our primary focus is on providing the best coverage for data sets and setting new standards when it comes to processing big data in accuracy and speed (i.e. showtime freshness!).

International Showtimes has several systems in place to monitor the data freshness and quality, so we can guarantee perfect service to the cinema industry. With our comprehensive technology stack, International Showtimes is able to update data for over 25.000 theaters in real-time and share it with our customers, within 2 hours of being published by the exhibitors. That makes the International Showtimes the most recent, accurate, and reliable data service in the field of movie showtimes and metadata.