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Cinema Showtimes API for Australia

One easy API to Australian showtimes listings, ticketing links and movie metadata.

  • One simple Cinema Showtimes API for 500+ Australian cinemas
  • Accurate & reliable data for all leading cinema circuits & independent cinemas
  • Easy access to rich Cinema, Movie & Showtimes meta-data across Australia
  • Fully automated “aggregation algorithm” monitors data 24/7

All you need to access the required showtimes, is simply integrating our cutting-edge API into your application and Voila! Whether it’s the big-chain Hoyts, Event & Reading cinemas all over Australia, Charming outdoor cinemas such as Sun Pictures in Broome or Deckchair Cinema in Darwin, all the way to the independent Cinema Augusta in South Australia, we got you covered from Perth to Brisbane and Darwin to Adelaide. Well, what are you waiting for? Do your Australian customers a favor and try our world-class Showtimes API for Free Right Now.


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The $2bn Australian cinema industry plays a significant role in the global cinema ecosystem

The Australian movie theatre industry is one of the strongest in the world, with an average growth rate of 1.4%, between 2014-2019. In fact, the cinema industry is projected to post strong revenue over the next five years and the cinema operators have upgraded projectors and sound systems to digital and 3D, while focusing on unique and luxury product offerings, such as new 4DX cinemas. Although bigger cinema chains such as Event cinemas, Reading cinema & Hoyts still dominate the circuits across Australia, there are hundreds of outdoor and independent cinemas who still serve the diverse Australian movie-going population.

Getting reliable and most recent showtimes for such a huge market is obviously challenging for any movie platform. Therefore, we built a showtimes API which aggregates all of this cinema, showtimes and movie meta-data across the Australian market and presents it to you in a single, easy to integrate API. Our API aggregates all of the showtimes information from each individual website, saving you the hassle of building a solution yourself. Now, you can focus on developing your product, growing your business and leave the tedious details to us.

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Global Showtimes Data with German Precision

With International Showtimes API, you have found a perfect partner to fulfil all your requirements for your product. We offer all of the meta-data listed below. Our data feed is monitored 24/7, algorithm checked and updated every 2 hours from only respected and reliable sources.

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With our API, you can expand globally with ease

For businesses catering to a wider global audience, our API would offer an added benefit of providing high-quality showtimes data for over 50+ markets internationally (and growing!). This will not only save you the hassle of procuring country-specific data from regional providers but will also offer a single source for all your showtimes data (at a discounted rate!). So contact us today to discuss how you can get the best Showtimes API on the planet.

By using our simple cinema API, it is possible to integrate all of this data in your application. To get a live experience of our API, you can always try out our Free API Trial.

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