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Global Streaming Availability API

One easy API for all streaming catalogue and availability metadata

  • One simple API for all major streaming & OTT platforms within Europe and English-speaking markets
  • 20+ data points & attributes provided to deliver the most comprehensive streaming availability data
  • Accurate and reliable metadata guaranteed through our fully automated “aggregation algorithm” running 24/7
  • Movie & TV Series metadata matched to all relevant industry-standard IDs such as IMDb, EIDR, Comscore, etc.

All you need to get the streaming availability data is simply integrating our cutting-edge API into your service and Voila! From Netflix & Disney+ in the US to Joyn, Prime Video & Sky Ticket in Germany and from Filmmit in Austria to Neon in New Zealand, we got you covered. Do your customers a favor and contact us today to get the world-class streaming availability API.

German Precision

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Streaming availability & catalogue metadata we offer

With the International Showtimes API, you have found a perfect partner to fulfill all your VoD and streaming availability data requirements. We offer all of the metadata listed below. Our data feeds are monitored 24/7, algorithm checked and updated every 2 hours- straight from the source.

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Your products deserve the best OTT & streaming availability metadata

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Why is VoD metadata useful and how can your business benefit from it?

  • Ever-growing number of streaming platforms makes finding content challenging
  • Often the content is available on multiple platforms but the consumer is unaware
  • With a centralized database, your audiences can find all available content easily
  • No need to maintain & update the database yourself when using our API
  • All relevant posters, trailers & descriptions are provided for your convenience
  • Attract more users to your application and deliver a satisfying experience
  • Collect user behavior & preferences data for greater marketing insights
  • Be known as the most reliable platform for all entertainment content directory
German Precision

Global OTT & Streaming Availability Data with German Precision

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With our streaming availability API, you can expand globally with ease

For businesses catering to a wider global audience, our API would offer an added benefit of providing high-quality OTT & streaming availability metadata for over 25 markets internationally (under development!).

Currently, we can provide live streaming availability data for Germany, Austria & Switzerland and the major English-speaking markets will be developed within the next 3 months.

Our streaming availability aggregation framework can be easily applied to all major streaming platforms globally (Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Google Play, AppleTV etc.) which means we can also develop any specific platform, on-demand, with great ease.

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Our diverse customers like individual developers, startups, agencies or movie studios have one thing in common. Great streaming availability metadata.