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International Showtimes Metadata

International Showtimes metadata is provided in four components: Content (i.e. Movie/Series), Cinema, Showtime, and VoD Streaming metadata. If required, the data can also be provided as JSON, XML, or CSV files (additional costs may apply).

Content Metadata

  • Content Title & Description
  • Purchase or Rental Price
  • Director, Cast & Genre
  • Release Date & Year
  • Language & Subtitles
  • Poster & Trailer
  • Age-Rating & Playtime
  • Video & Audio Quality

Platform Metadata

  • Streaming Platform Names
  • Streaming Platform URLs
  • Subscription Price
  • Direct Content Play Links
  • Original Content
  • Current Content Catalog
  • Upcoming Content Catalog
  • Unique Content IDs*

Showtime Metadata

  • Published Showtimes
  • Deep Booking Links
  • Version Information**
  • Language/Subtitles***

Cinema Metadata

  • Cinema Name
  • Cinema Address
  • Cinema Geolocation
  • Cinema Website
  • Chain Cinemas
  • Independent Cinemas

* Our API matches all relevant industry IDs such as IMDB, TMDB, Comscore, EIDR etc.
** The API provides all version information as 2D, 3D, IMAX, D-Box, 4DX, Sony 4K, Dolby Atmos, Black and White, MX4D and much more market-specific version information.
*** The API provides all main subtitles and languages as Dubbed, No Subtitled, OV, Castellano, Francais, Deutsche, Tamil & Hindi.
+ Please note: In some rare cases, not all metadata that is listed here is available for a specific movie.


We concentrated on the small things, so you go big

If you have tried to build applications in the entertainment business, you know what matters most: reliable and accurate showtimes and streaming metadata.

Built to help you scale

The most comprehensive and accurate cinema showtimes, VoD streaming, and movie metadata API for 50+ markets worldwide.

Showtimes syndication

The bread & butter of our API - thousands of showtimes available to you on demand. As easy as hailing an Uber or ordering a new UFO on Amazon. Available in more than 50 markets.

MOvie SynopsEs & Trailers

Every plot with all the nifty details. From aliens to earthlings, we've got you covered. Let your users enjoy exactly the resolution they need. Goodbye low-res bullshit.

Deeplinking & ticketing

Displaying showtimes is easy. Making them "smart" is where the secret sauce is at. Send users directly to the showtimes they already chose or to the exhibitors checkout.

ExHibitors' information

Where is that cinema again? We know. You can too. Our API manages multiple exhibitor entries, such as names and location. Start mapping cinemas in your application today. 

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Hear what our customers think

Our diverse customers like individual developers, startups, media agencies, marketing companies, or movie studios and distributors have one thing in common: Great data!

  • Ben Johnson portret
    Ben Johnson
    For years we were looking for reliable showtimes providers and finally found International Showtimes. No wrong datasets anymore, just reliable.
  • Andrés Macías portret
    Andrés Macías
    Co-Founder / CTO usheru
    Having reliable and high-quality showtimes data from different countries is crucial for an optimal performance of our application. We are happy with the simple to use API from International Showtimes which meets this need.
  • Martin Stemmle portret
    Martin Stemmle
    Founder kinofreunde
    We build a small movie finder app for foremost because we love going to the movie theaters ourselfs. Early on we used International Showtimes instead of our own backend.
  • C. Stringer portret
    C. Stringer
    4city apps inc.
    We were outperforming yellow pages in the UK with best data and ticketing links available. Ever since we work with International Showtimes we get less complaints on showtimes data.
  • Konrad Hinkelmann portret
    Konrad Hinkelmann
    Co-Founder / CTO kinoheld GmbH
    Our developers find working with the International Showtimes API very easy & straight-forward. The technical documentation provided is comprehensive and we have not had any issues getting the support when required.

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