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Discover how International Showtimes will support you to scale your business. As your dedicated partner with a long term experience in collecting, processing and visualising big data, we have helped global brands connect closely with their audiences and build robust business intelligence solutions.

Our Journey



We are International Showtimes, a tech company based in Berlin. Our team, composed of highly motivated and driven professionals from various disciplines, shares a unifying passion: an enduring love for movies, cinema, data, and technology.

In 2014, International Showtimes was founded. Our initial business model was to sell cinema tickets in Germany at a dynamic pricing. The idea was to adjust the pricing based on the weather—lowering ticket costs during good weather to encourage people to visit the cinema, and vice versa. Out of our own demand, we started collecting showtimes data for our movie discovery website.

Cinema meets innovation: your competitive advantage

We're a collaborator renowned for a partnership-centric approach, deeply interconnected within the industry, and with a history of successful joint ventures. We believe that working together helps businesses grow. With over 9 years in the field, we've built strong connections and have worked on many projects with global partners, showing our commitment to working together for success.
Take advantage and get access to custom development features that cater precisely to your needs, ensuring they are designed with your success in mind. Our dedication to providing bespoke services has led to numerous successful collaborations, helping our partners achieve a competitive edge in their respective industries.
Partnering with us sets you apart in a globally connected market, thanks to our extensive international coverage paired with nuanced understanding of local dynamics. We're not just a service provider; we're a global partner equipped to elevate your business on the world stage while also tailoring our solutions to meet the specific needs of individual markets. This dual approach ensures that your business thrives both globally and locally, offering you the best of both worlds.
You're not just selecting a service; you're opting for an unparalleled support experience. Our team isn't just great; they are attentive, fast, and responsive, ensuring that your needs and queries are addressed promptly and effectively. With us, you gain more than a provider—you gain a partner dedicated to your success, ready to assist at a moment's notice.
Embracing a technology-first approach sets us apart, as we harness the power of cutting-edge technologies like AI to redefine the cinema market with innovative solutions. Our belief in automation drives us to find scalable solutions for every challenge. With our diverse global team, we've established agile methodologies that enable us to quickly design, develop, and deploy new solutions, keeping us ahead in the industry.
We love supporting a partner invested in cinema's future. Our commitment goes beyond mere business transactions; we are passionate about the art and experience of cinema and dedicated to collectively advancing the sector. This vision for a thriving cinema sector is our movement dedicated to enhancing the cinematic experience for all.

what Our customers say

Our diverse customers, including studios, movie distributors, marketing companies, startups, and individual developers, all have one thing in common: great data!

For years we were looking for reliable showtimes providers and finally found International Showtimes. No wrong datasets anymore, just reliable.
CEO of Gruvi | Ben Johnson
Trailerdata’s partnership with International Showtimes has been key, offering users a smooth one-stop-shop-experience by providing the showtimes of all cinemas nationwide including deep-links to the respective online-ticket shops. With their extensive database and seamless API International Showtimes enhanced our app’s value and user support.
CEO & Co-Founder of Trailerdata | Katja Struwe
Having reliable and high-quality showtimes data from different countries is crucial for an optimal performance of our application. We are happy with the simple to use API from International Showtimes which meets this need.
Co-Founder / CTO Usheru | Andrés Macías
We build a small movie finder app for foremost because we love going to the movie theaters ourselfs. Early on we used International Showtimes instead of our own backend.
Founder Kinofreunde | Martin Stemmle
We were outperforming yellow pages in the UK with best data and ticketing links available. Ever since we work with International Showtimes we get less complaints on showtimes data.
Founder 4city Apps Inc. | C. Stringer
Our developers find working with the International Showtimes API very easy & straight-forward. The technical documentation provided is comprehensive and we have not had any issues getting the support when required.
CTO Kinoheld GmbH | Konrad Hinkelmann
By integrating International Showtimes' data into the Screendollars platform, we can now present users with a complete and current view of all movies playing at every theatre in the U.S. and Canada. This greatly increases the usefulness of our theatre directory to users and a "Find Showtimes" feature on our Movie Detail pages.
CEO of Screendollars | Thaddeus Bouchard
Utilizing International Showtimes’ API has significantly enhanced Screenville’s ability to deliver superior website services for independent distributors in Germany, offering up-to-the-minute movie times and elevating platform quality through their efficient and comprehensive cinema data integration.
CEO/Founder of Screenville | Oliver Haase-Lobinger

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