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Use Cases

Learn how our global customer base builds powerful solutions on top of the Cinema Showtimes API. We serve many innovative use cases that transform the way audiences engage with the cinema experiences worldwide.


For Online Publishers

Elevate your publishing website to become an engaging nexus for cinema lovers by incorporating our Cinema Showtimes API. This robust showtimes API furnishes your audience with real-time updates on movie screenings in theaters, guaranteeing they're always in the loop. Discover how VGN, Austria's top online publisher, is utilizing our data to enhance their offerings.

For Studios and Distributors

Discover how the Cinema Showtimes API empowers film studios and distributors, including the likes of Angel Studios Inc., an American independent media company and film distribution studio, to harness showtimes data. This showtimes API is pivotal in transforming your online footprint and cinema ticket sales, redefining the conventional approach to cinema marketing.

For Premium Large Format Providers

Enhance your theatrical experience or solutions and highlight your distinct cinematic offerings with the Cinema Showtimes API. Just like D-BOX Technologies Inc. creates a bespoke showtimes page and launches effective marketing campaigns to boost their ticket sales, you have the chance to advertise your own theatrical experience to audiences worldwide.

For Shopping mall websites

Lift your shopping mall's website with an advanced Cinema Showtimes API, significantly improving your digital footprint. By featuring the latest movie showtimes available in your mall's cinema, you'll increase user interaction and engagement. Discover how QIC Ltd. uses the showtimes data to improve its in-mall entertainment offerings.

For Cinema Ticketing Providers

Upgrade your cinema ticketing platform by integrating our extensive Cinema Showtimes API, which covers all cinemas in a country. This feature allows access to the most current showtimes and direct booking links, ensuring your audience stays updated and engaged. Additionally, learn how Kinoheld GmbH leverages this technology to enhance its website, offering users detailed information on cinema schedules across Germany.

For Analytical & Business Intelligence Solutions

Utilize the Cinema Showtimes API to develop powerful analytical tools, providing deep showtimes insights for your customers. This solution enables your clients to refine their marketing approaches, better target audiences, and boost their theatrical run's profitability. Just like Usheru Ltd. that enhances the marketing capabilities of their clients globally with its website integrations, widgets, and analytics, you can also make full use of the Cinema Showtimes API.

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