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Cinema Showtimes API

Embrace the power of global cinema connectivity with our Cinema Showtimes API product providing rich showtimes, movie and cinema metadata from 120+ countries worldwide. If you want to go national or global, we have you fully covered!

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Deep Booking Links
Displaying showtimes is easy. Making them “smart” is where the secret sauce is at. Send users directly to the showtimes they already chose or to the exhibitor's checkout.
Premium Large Formats & Attributes
With our cutting-edge technology, we provide all premium large formats and attributes such as IMAX, iSense, 3D, Dubbed, OMU, OV, etc. If new theatrical experiences get released, we get them right onboard.
Crawl-E © Data Sourcing Engine for “Data Freshness”
This is where the magic happens! Using our AI-driven Crawl-E © engine, we offer the most recent & accurate data in the market, straight from the source. Whenever showtimes are published online - we have them available. For major movie titles, data is ready weeks in advance.
Seamless ID & Movie Matching
If you have ever built a product in the entertainment industry, you know how crucial data matching is. Thus, we match our data to all relevant IDs, such as IMDB, TMDB, MACCS, etc., using our proprietary ‘movie-matcher’ AI tool.
24/7 Data quality checks
Having been in the market since 2016, we have developed comprehensive quality assurance mechanisms that are supported by machine learning. Our data is ticketed 24/7, thoroughly fact & algorithm-checked and updated several times a day.
Fully-Featured RESTful API
World’s first REST API for the entertainment industry, built specifically ‘by developers for developers’. You can either call the API when needed or generate personalized XML files.
Metadata Coverage
The bread & butter of our API - showtimes, cinema & movie metadata. This diverse data is provided in various formats and languages to support both local and global solutions, ensuring a first-class digital experience for your audience.
Market Coverage & Development
Our API offers high-quality entertainment data for over 120+ markets internationally (and growing!). With our agile development tools, we add new cinemas to our data feeds within hours. If interested, please contact us at [email protected]
Worldwide Technical Support
We provide you with support in multiple time zones with our great and multi-language support team. You can reach the support here or contact us at [email protected]


Our API is designed to offer unparalleled global market coverage in more than 120 countries. With over 25000 cinema locations, we unlock your global showtimes data access. New markets are continuously added and provided via our robust showtimes data feeds. Just ask us, and we will happily provide it to you!

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what Our customers say

Our diverse customers, including studios, movie distributors, marketing companies, startups, and individual developers, all have one thing in common: great data!

For years we were looking for reliable showtimes providers and finally found International Showtimes. No wrong datasets anymore, just reliable.
CEO of Gruvi | Ben Johnson
Trailerdata’s partnership with International Showtimes has been key, offering users a smooth one-stop-shop-experience by providing the showtimes of all cinemas nationwide including deep-links to the respective online-ticket shops. With their extensive database and seamless API International Showtimes enhanced our app’s value and user support.
CEO & Co-Founder of Trailerdata | Katja Struwe
Having reliable and high-quality showtimes data from different countries is crucial for an optimal performance of our application. We are happy with the simple to use API from International Showtimes which meets this need.
Co-Founder / CTO Usheru | Andrés Macías
We build a small movie finder app for foremost because we love going to the movie theaters ourselfs. Early on we used International Showtimes instead of our own backend.
Founder Kinofreunde | Martin Stemmle
We were outperforming yellow pages in the UK with best data and ticketing links available. Ever since we work with International Showtimes we get less complaints on showtimes data.
Founder 4city Apps Inc. | C. Stringer
Our developers find working with the International Showtimes API very easy & straight-forward. The technical documentation provided is comprehensive and we have not had any issues getting the support when required.
CTO Kinoheld GmbH | Konrad Hinkelmann
By integrating International Showtimes' data into the Screendollars platform, we can now present users with a complete and current view of all movies playing at every theatre in the U.S. and Canada. This greatly increases the usefulness of our theatre directory to users and a "Find Showtimes" feature on our Movie Detail pages.
CEO of Screendollars | Thaddeus Bouchard
Utilizing International Showtimes’ API has significantly enhanced Screenville’s ability to deliver superior website services for independent distributors in Germany, offering up-to-the-minute movie times and elevating platform quality through their efficient and comprehensive cinema data integration.
CEO/Founder of Screenville | Oliver Haase-Lobinger

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Use cases

Join our global partners that are operating powerful solutions on top of our Cinema Showtimes API.

For Online Publishers

Elevate your publishing website to become an engaging nexus for cinema lovers by incorporating our Cinema Showtimes API. This robust showtimes API furnishes your audience with real-time updates on movie screenings in theaters, guaranteeing they're always in the loop. Discover how VGN, Austria's top online publisher, is utilizing our data to enhance their offerings.

For Studios and Distributors

Discover how the Cinema Showtimes API empowers film studios and distributors, including the likes of Angel Studios Inc., an American independent media company and film distribution studio, to harness showtimes data. This showtimes API is pivotal in transforming your online footprint and cinema ticket sales, redefining the conventional approach to cinema marketing.

For Showtime Platform & Microsite Providers

Employ the Cinema Showtimes API for building microsites and movie platforms that effectively serve studios and distributors, offering fresh data, premium large formats, and direct booking links. Enhance your platform to captivate audiences globally in over 120 countries, just like Gruvi leverages this showtime API to create their microsites internationally.

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