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International showtimes & ticketing API

We provide full sets of showtime data matched to movie meta data in one simple API service.

movie meta data

We have comprehensive movie meta data such as: Synopsis, Runtimes, Trailers, Posters, Movie stills, Ratings, Release Dates, Cast or Genre. 

showtimes syndication

Accuracy is one of the most important assets we have. We manage over 1 billion showtimes per day with 99,98% accuracy.

open source ID matching

We match with all relevant industry IDs like: IMDb, TMDb, OMDb, rotten tomatoes, meta critic, IVA, preview networks, krankikom.

easy to use API

Still sending around movie showtime .csv files from multiple sources and partners? Stop getting drowned in matching them with us.

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Showtimes data with german accuracy.

“ Over 1 million requests handled every day to fuel your apps, contents or services.”

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New entertaining showcases with showtimes everyday

Comprehensive US Data

Updated every 6 hours for "The Magnificent Seven" movie finder.

Showtime accuracy

Zero complaints on data and their accuracy

Fast responsive time

Each purchase of Pillar includes 6 months of support.

Superhero reliability

Our api scales with reliability to serve your apps.


Your apps or services deserve best showtimes data available.

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