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The International Showtimes API service

The International Showtimes API service provides access to showtime and movie metadata in more than 20 countries across the world. To get a full-featured API key click here.

  • You can easily pull the metadata according to your application's needs. To view the API documentation click here.
  • The data is 100% recent and never out of date. For major movie titles data is available weeks in advance if and when published by the exhibitor.
  • The data is monitored 24/7 such as fact and algorithm checked and updated every 4 hours straight from the source.

International Showtimes Metadata

The following metadata can be provided from the International Showtimes API. International Showtimes metadata is provided in three components: movie, showtime and cinema metadata.

Movie Metadata
  • Title
  • Genre
  • Posters
  • Cast & Staff
  • Age Rating
  • Runtime
Showtime Metadata
  • Showtimes
  • IMAX, 3D, etc.
  • Deep Booking Links
  • Language/Subtitles

Cinema Metadata
  • Cinema Name
  • Cinema Chain
  • Cinema Address
  • Cinema Geolocation

It can occur that not all metadata is available for a specific movie that is provided here.
Use Cases of the International Showtimes API

The International Showtimes API can be used for various cases.

  • Many applications use the International Showtimes API to provide information to their users. For example which movies are playing in there city or close by. Users can inspect information like the address of the cinema, trailers, genre, format and much more. With booking links users get forwarded to the sales page of the individual cinema and therefore inherently improve the customer experience.
  • The API can also be used as a back-end. Requests from a system get forwarded directly to the International Showtimes API. One of our customers is providing his users with information about cinemas and movies with an AI application using the API directly as back-end.
  • Customers build large movie marketing campaigns that are based on the International Showtimes API and inform users about the showtimes for a specific movie.
  • The International Showtimes API can be used for analytical purposes to get great insights from the movie and cinema industry across the globe.
To view the case study from the International Showtimes API client Gruvi click here. If you have questions about your use case please feel free to get in contact with us.